Kodak 8800 Photo Printer Manual

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Kodak 8800 Photo Printer Manual Table of contents:

1-Setting Up the Kodak 8800 Printer

  • Before You Begin …1-1
  • Recommended Air Flow Clearances ….1-1
  • Loading the Paper ….1-2
  • Loading the Ribbon….1-6
  • Installing the Print Catcher ….1-7
  • Connecting the Cables ….1-8
  • Connecting the power cable ….1-8
  • Connecting the USB cable….1-8
  • Turning On the Kodak 8800 Printer ….1-8

2-Operating the Kodak 8800 Printer

  • Understanding the Operator Panel Lights ….2-1
  • Using Setup Mode to Review Printer Settings ….2-1
  • Accessing the Kodak 8800 Printer Settings ….2-2
  • Working in Test Print Mode ….2-2
  • Making a test print ….2-2
  • Changing the quantity of test prints…2-3
  • Appendix A: Important Printer Information
  • Printer Specifications ….A-1
  • Appendix B: Safety and Regulatory Information
  • Important Safety Information ….B-1
  • Safety Labels….B-2
  • Regulatory and Safety Compliance….B-2
  • Safety ….B-2
  • Radio frequency interference ….B-2
  • Noise emission….B-3
  • Disposal ….B-3



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