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Kodak EasyShare C613 Manual

Kodak EasyShare C613 Manual or User Guide. You can use C613 Manual be PDF Read, Print, or Online View. Download or view PDF for free and without registration!

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Kodak EasyShare C613 Manual Table of Contents

1-Setting up your Kodak C613 Camera.. page.1

  • Attaching the strap .page 1
  • Loading the battery .1
  • Turning on the camera .page 2
  • Setting the language, date/time.2
  • Storing pictures on an SD or MMC card .3

Kodak EasyShare C613 Camera photos on Google Images.

2-Taking pictures/videos

  • Taking a picture .4
  • Taking a video .5
  • Using optical zoom .6
  • Using the flash….7
  • Using different picture-taking modes .8
  • Using camera Help ….10
  • Understanding the picture-taking icons..11

3-Working with pictures/videos

  • Reviewing pictures/videos ….12
  • Deleting pictures/videos ….14
  • Using Kodak Perfect Touch technology ….15
  • Cropping pictures….15
  • Editing videos ….16
  • Running a slide show ….17
  • Copying pictures/videos….19
  • Understanding the review icons….20

4-Doing more with your EasyShare C613 Camera

  • Changing picture-taking settings ….22
  • Customizing your camera ….25
  • Using exposure compensation to adjust picture brightness ….27
  • Using the framing grid to compose a picture….27
  • Sharing your pictures….27

in addition, for all manuals please visit Kodak Official Site.

5-Transferring and printing pictures

  • Installing the software….35
  • Transferring pictures with the USB cable….36
  • Printing pictures….37
  • Dock compatibility for your Kodak C613 camera….39


  • Camera problems….40
  • Camera/computer communications….42
  • LCD screen messages ….43

7-Getting help

  • Helpful links….46


  • Kodak EasyShare C613 specifications….48
  • Care and maintenance….50
  • Upgrading your software and firmware….50
  • Storage capacities….50
  • Important safety instructions….51
  • Battery life….52
  • Limited Warranty….53
  • Regulatory compliance….55

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